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Our workshops will show you how to solder, design, prototype, code and more.

Learn about the tools and ways to creatively use electronics, sensors and microcontrollers. In order to make instruments, applications, interactive installations, prototypes or even art. 

You're not getting bothered with too many technical details because the emphasis is on creativity, not ingenious engineering.


Our workshop headquarter is located in Paço de Arcos (Oeiras). Some workshops will also take place in FABLAB Lisboa or at Edifício Arte Contínua (Oeiras).

Upcoming workshops:

It’s time for a picnic! To be correct: a picnic mixer. What’s that you ask? Well, imagine you and your friends go to the beach or to a park or anywhere else where you would sit down and want to listen to music. Wouldn’t it be nice to mix some music like a DJ? With a picknick mixer you can plug in 4 audio inputs and mix them together. And because this small mixer is „passive“ it needs no batteries!
Input devices like phones, Kraut Kontrol sound machines or Korg Volcas, for example. Just have a quick look at the demo video to see what’s happening. And by the way: on top of that you will also make your own audio cable (3,5mm mono plug).
So in this workshop you will learn how to solder, how to make audio cables and how to make a passive audio mixer.
You can bring a box of your choice to turn it into a mixer, as long as the thickness of the material isn’t any greater than 3 millimeter.

Location: Edifício Arte Contínua (Oeiras)
Duration: 14.00 - 19.00
Price: 25€

We will turn a voice recording chip into a low-fidelity sampler. 
You can record sound via the built-in microphone or via an audio input jack. Trigger the sound via button or just let it loop and change the pitch.

Location: Kraut Kontrol Headquarter (Oeiras)
Duration: 14.00 - 19.00
Price: 30€

Location: FABLAB Lisboa
Duration: 14.00 - 19.00
Price: 25€

Duration will be about 4-8 hours, depending on the particular workshop.
Participation fee is including materials like cables, buttons, batteries and other components.

Applying for workshops

If you would like to attend one of the above mentioned workshops please drop us a message here. 

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Kraut Kontrol can visit your town, too!

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