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What is Kraut Kontrol about?

In order to connect the mental state of design thinking with art, music and social interaction and to stay creative and independent Kraut Kontrol is not meant to be a brand or company. Though it might happen that occassionally some homemade products and inventions will be available for sale, be it single one-offs or a small edition of pieces/works/devices.

However, Kraut Kontrol is much more about seeing a smile on people's faces when some nice looking objects reveal themselves to be making some weird stuff. Or when people learn how to build their own freaky thingies. That's why Kraut Kontrol likes to offer workshops, which deal with DIY synthesizerism, circuit bending, hardware hacking or how to set up an interactive Arduino art installation. At other times Kraut Kontrol likes to invite people to an exhibition, where everyone can do something with something that does something.

And not to forget: Kraut Kontrol is highly interested and involved in video/photo/audio production.